Tenant Handbook

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Tenant agrees to participate in the waste recycling programs implemented by Landlord for the Building.
Recycling at Shorenstein is a major part of what we do to enhance building performance and reduce our environmental impact.  Instructions on how to recycle in your area are provided when you move in, and are typically posted in break rooms, and on or near recycling bins throughout the property. Recycling Guidelines will also be posted on your properties website under the sustainability section https://www.russbldg.com/sustainability. In general, there will be bins for trash and recycling which will be color coded with Black for trash and Blue for recycling. If your property has composting available, the bin color will be Green. Participating in and promoting our building’s recycling program is the most valuable contribution you can make to our building’s sustainability each day. 
The Russ Building staff and tenants take our responsibility to recycle seriously. In 2004, the Russ Building was awarded the 3rd Place Commercial Recycler of the Year Award in the Large Building Category sponsored by the Building Owners and Managers Association and the San Francisco Department of the Environment. This award was the result of a conscientious effort by tenants and building staff to make the building’s recycling program a success.
Russ Building recycling diversion percent is at 73% as of October 12, 2012.
Why we recycle
  • Environmental conservation - one ton of paper manufactured from waste paper conserves 17 trees!
  • Air and water pollution prevention – the production of recycled paper produces 60% less air and water pollution than that of virgin paper production.
  • Energy Conservation - Each ton of paper recycled saves the energy equivalent of 380 gallons of oil.
  • Landfill Considerations – Recycling reduces our reliance on already scarce landfill resources.
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has mandated a goal of 75% waste diversion for all of San
Francisco by the year 2010.
The Russ Building actively participates in composting, commingle, cardboard, and bottles & cans recycling. As necessary, employees empty their desktop trays into the gray bins, which are emptied as needed by the janitorial staff. Staples and paper clips need not be removed.




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